Our Mission

Exploring & developing the creative self.


Since 1997, the Monroe Street Arts Center, a community school of the arts, has been making the arts come alive for many families in our community. We find ourselves filling an ever-growing need caused by reduced funding for arts education in Madison’s public schools. By providing high-quality private and group instruction to kids of all ages, Monroe Street Arts Center is keeping the door open for a lifetime of creative expression and appreciation of the arts.

Monroe Street Arts Center is a welcoming, inclusive environment where kids come together to learn, make and share music and art. We are fulfilling that worthy mission (on a modest non-profit budget) by cultivating a team of caring teachers who are first-rate musicians and artists, and by creating outlets for artistic expression through recitals, exhibits, and outreach activities.


Merijoy Endrizzi-Ray
Director of Operations

Art Camp students at work at MSAC.

Art Camp students at work at MSAC.