Monroe Street Arts Center is a community school of the arts located in the dynamic Dudgeon-Monroe neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin. Since 1997, Monroe Street Arts Center has been making the arts come alive for many families in our community. By providing high-quality private and group instruction to all ages, MSAC is keeping the door open for a lifetime of creative expression and appreciation of the arts. MSAC is a welcoming, inclusive environment where we come together to learn, make, and share music and art. We cultivate a team of caring teachers who are first-rate artists and musicians, and create outlets for artistic expression through recitals, exhibits, and outreach opportunities.



help us grow 

In order to keep providing Madison with the opportunity to create and experience art, we need your help! We are currently in the middle of a capital campaign to move to a new site in the summer of 2020! Our new location will have the space and resources to expand programming, classes, and outreach with collaborative partners from all corners of the city. We’re also looking forward to developing more programming for teens and older adults and continuing to be a pipeline for many other youth arts programs throughout Madison. With your help through this capital campaign, MSAC will have the capacity to become a city-wide arts center for years to come. Come see what we can create, together.

Scholarship+ Outreach

Providing quality art and music education have been strong values since MSAC’s inception. However, we also know that not every student has access to quality art and music instruction. That is why a scholarship fund was created.

In September of 2003, that scholarship fund was named the Claire Aubrey Roberts Scholarship Fund after a young woman who passed away at the age of 25 from Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpurea (TTP), a rare and often misdiagnosed blood disorder. Claire's family and friends wanted to create a lasting legacy in her name. The goal of Claire's Fund is to reflect the joy that the arts played in Claire's life by nurturing the talents of students whose families may not be able to financially support their artistic endeavors.

In her artist's statement, Claire wrote that as a child, she "was blessed with an endless supply of support and inspiration" from her creatively-driven family. It is our hope that others may feel equally blessed and inspired through Claire's legacy.

In the last several years, MSAC has taken our mission of engaging a community of learners to a new level and expanded our offerings of art and music to those areas of our community where they may not be able to access quality lessons. MSAC has partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs, Attic Angels, St. Jame's school, Gan HaYeled Preschool, and most recently One City school. We have been asked to collaborate with multiple community centers, after school programs, and even the Children's Hospital. We are in need of more space and staff to coordinate these outreach efforts. With our new location we look forward to new collaborations!