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Our mission is to engage a community of learners in exploring the arts and developing the creative self.

Monroe Street Arts Center is a community school of the arts located in the dynamic Dudgeon-Monroe neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin. Since 1997, Monroe Street Arts Center has been making the arts come alive for many families in our community. 

By providing high-quality private and group instruction to all ages, Monroe Street Arts Center is keeping the door open for a lifetime of creative expression and appreciation of the arts. MSAC is a welcoming, inclusive environment where we come together to learn, make, and share music and art. We cultivate a team of caring instructors who are first-rate artists and musicians and create outlets for artistic expression through recitals, exhibits, and outreach opportunities.

A gathering of artists creates an energy unlike anything else — exciting, electric, sacred, and full of possibilities. Simply being in its presence is magical. We know that what begins within these walls grows beyond us, encouraging those same spaces of imagination, discovery, and creativity throughout our community and into our world.

Monroe Street Arts Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We work diligently to ensure our lesson fees are affordable while also paying our instructors a competitive wage and supporting the programs that happen within our space and beyond our doors.  As a result, registration fees only cover 75% of our operating costs as an organization.  Contributions from supporters like yourself are essential to creating sustainability for Monroe Street Arts Center. Please consider a donation today to support our creative future.

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