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Beyond Monroe Street

What is Beyond Monroe Street?

At its core, Beyond Monroe Street is a financial assistance initiative that seeks to provide arts enrichment to communities that have limited funding. We do this by partnering with human service organizations that serve individuals and families who want to come together to learn, make, and share music and art in a welcoming, inclusive environment - beyond our doors.

But Beyond Monroe Street is more than just a financial assistance program. It's a collaborative effort that brings together artists, educators, and community members to create a truly inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

MSAC has cultivated partnerships with many organizations to develop a collection of essential programs to enrich the creative self:

aspire-therapy-dane-wisconsin-logo (1).png

Collaborative partner for ‘Aspiring Artists and Aspiring Musicians’, offering early childhood music and art classes to students with differing abilities in order to support therapy goals in a socially-enriching environment. Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists work with MSAC instructors to make these classes a safe place for neurodivergent children to thrive.

This program was launched in 2022, and has been a fantastic addition to MSAC! Families are invited to attend classes together for an intergenerational art making experience that is free to attend. The classes explore different artists and art making processes each week, and strive to provide access to visual arts enrichment without the barrier of a registration fee. Attendees are able to register for these classes individually, which allows flexibility for working families and/or those families who are unable to attend on a weekly basis.

Bayview logo.png

A collaboration between MSAC and Bayview Foundation program administrators offering early childhood classes in the Bayview Community Center. These classes serve Bayview residents, a low-income housing community, as well as additional neighborhood residents in the area.

This weekly class provides a safe space and class structure that supports students who have sensory sensitivities. The class is capped at a smaller size; instructors create accommodations for sounds, textures and processes for art making. The class is currently funded by a grant from the Cap Times Kids Fund.

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