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Beyond Monroe Street

Sensory Art Studio

Sensory Art Studio, formally known as Oasis, is MSAC's inclusive art studio designed to accommodate students with varying needs.

In Sensory Art Studio, our instructors use their knowledge and expertise to ensure an age and ability-appropriate experience. Class participants develop self-expression, gain confidence, and experience positive social interactions. Participants receive personalized instruction based on their unique needs and goals. 

Art Making at MSAC
Sensory Studio Art Making

Sensory Art Studio fills a great need in our community for programming where participants of all abilities can work alongside each other with their siblings and friends. All students will have access to the same materials and instructors with individualized support. Two instructors will facilitate the class, which will allow us to offer specialized assistance. The class is limited to eight participants to ensure each student receives the support they need.

Sensory Friendly Studio is an accommodating and welcoming art experience.

Classes will be held Wednesdays during the academic year at Monroe Street Arts Center (MSAC) in a wheelchair/moto- support-accessible art room that accommodates students with different abilities and accessibility needs. This space will be dedicated solely to Sensory Art Studio during the scheduled class times. We will create an inclusive art group that enriches our participants with the experience of visual and sensorial art and expression. The group will experience and interact with new art media in a setting that encourages social engagement.

Sensory Art Studio : Spring Session

Grades K-5

Wednesdays, March 13th - May 23rd

(No class on March 27th) 

4:00 -5:00 pm

Tuition Free

Support for Sensory Friendly Art Studio is generously provided by the Capital Times Kid’s Fund.

Cap Times Kids Fund
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