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Valen Monson

Art Instructor


Valen Monson is a versatile artist pursuing a BSE in Art Education at the University of Wisconsin Madison. His work has persistent themes of exploring identity and dream, using imagery of clowns and masks. He has experimented with a wide range of mediums including sculpture, printmaking, drawing, painting, ceramics, digital illustration, photography, and more working under renowned artists such as Fred Stonehouse, Gerit Grimm, Leslie Smith, and Aristotle Georgiades. Monson has been featured in numerous Art Exhibitions. Most recently, he was in Is//Isn’t, An exhibition of the UW-Madison Advanced Ceramics Program, as well as in See Me! A LGBTQIA show at the River Arts Center. He also participated in the 2022 Swarm to the Table Gallery at the Crossing, as well as his own 2022 solo show Dysphoria Clowns: The Hilarity of Our Bodies and has been published in UW Madison Art Department Newsletter.

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