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Gifts with Financial Benefits to You

Secure the future of MSAC, and the arts in our communities. Leave your Legacy.

Gifts That Pay You Income

You can receive income for life while ensuring that families and students have access to affordable art and music enrichment.


If you are considering this type of gift, we recommend that you consult with your financial advisor.


Charitable remainder trust

You can receive income for life and reduce your taxes while supporting Monroe Street Arts Center by transferring assets to fund the trust. Not only does this pay income to you or your beneficiaries for life, but you also receive an income tax deduction the year you transfer assets to the trust. After all payments have been made, the remaining portion of the trust goes to Monroe Street Arts Center.


Charitable gift annuities

You can transfer assets to a charitable gift annuity and receive income for life.

This plan allows you to give a substantial donation to Monroe Street Arts Center while receiving tax-favored income for life. Charitable gift annuities offer attractive payout rates for those who want to receive income and provide access to affordable arts education.

Pay and Income Chart for Planned Giving
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