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Music Instructor Spotlight: Beni Vaganov

As we prepare for Summer Private Music registration (opening on March 6th), we are taking time to spotlight a few of our fantastic music instructors.

First, meet Beni Vaganov, an accomplished Monroe Street Arts Center music instructor. Beni has made a name for themselves in the professional music community as a solo performer and accompanist.

Music Instructor, Beni Vaganov playing piano

With a Master's degree in Low Brass Performance from the University of Wisconsin Madison, Beni has won multiple national and international competitions, including the Falconi Soloist Student Division winner in 2019 and the winner of the Euphonium Soloists division of the International Tuba and Euphonium Association in 2017.

Beni's impressive music career also includes being a Quince musical pianist from 2016 to 2022 and a TA for UW Madison during the 2020-2022 season. In addition to their performance expertise, Beni holds a Master's Certificate of Music Education with a Kodaly emphasis and a Bachelor's degree in Instrumental Pedagogy and Performance.

As a music instructor at the Monroe Street Arts Center, Beni brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to their students. They are passionate about helping students develop their skills and achieve their musical goals.

View Beni's YouTube channel:

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